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Decision Making

In our crazy world, girls today often face shortened childhoods, largely because there are so many pressures on them including: pressure to dress a certain way, pressure to seem older, pressure to try using drugs and alcohol, and sexual pressure from classmates, online sources and the media.

Healthy decision making is an important skill to develop.  Sometimes girls are faced with making difficult decisions, and sometimes girls can engage in risky behaviour.  Not all risky behaviour is self destructive.  Sometimes doing things that are frightening can be a way of opening up and learning new things or exploring unchartered territories. 

But behaviour that has serious and dangerous consequences like using drugs, engaging in unprotected sex, reckless or drunk driving, skipping school and shoplifting can have very serious and long-lasting consequences that last long after the thrill of the moment.  Sometimes it only takes moments for one act to completely change a life. 

Of course, you can make healthy decisions in even the most difficult situations, but you need to be prepared. How can you be prepared?  One of the best methods of preparation is self confidence and the ability to stand up for yourself and do what feels right by talking about the tough issues you may face.

Some things to think about:

  • The more time you spend thinking about healthy vs. unhealthy behaviors the more likely you are to use your skills to help them make healthy choices when you need to
  • Think about your personal goals – are they connected to your behaviour?
  • Healthy decisions are often related to self esteem [link to self esteem].  When you have a high level of self esteem you are more likely to make healthy choices
  • Think about your personal health and their overall sense of wellness;  this too relates to making healthy choices
  • By building self-esteem, sense of empowerment and developing negotiation and goal setting skills, you will likely make healthy choices. 

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