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The physical changes of puberty often bring about strong sexual feelings.  It’s normal to be confused and preoccupied about these feelings!  It’s important for you to understand that sexual health is more than just healthy sex (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) but is also a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to your sexuality.

Sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination and violence. For sexual health to be attained and enjoyed, you need to understand your sexual rights and work to have them respected, protected and fulfilled.

Sexual Health is also about being able to enjoy sexuality in a way that protects your health and well-being. It’s important for you to take active steps to protect yourself, as there are risks you face when engaging in sexual activity.  That’s why every girl should know her sexual rights.  

What are Sexual rights?

Sexual rights embrace human rights that are already recognized in national laws, international human rights documents and other consensus statements. They include the right of all persons, free of coercion, discrimination and violence, to:

  • the highest attainable standard of sexual health, including access to sexual and reproductive health care services;
  • seek, receive and impart information related to sexuality;
  • sexuality education;
  • respect for bodily integrity;
  • choose their partner;
  • decide to be sexually active or not;
  • consensual sexual relations;
  • consensual marriage;
  • decide whether or not, and when, to have children; and
  •  pursue a satisfying, safe and pleasurable sexual life.

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