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www.ywcagirlspace.ca is geared for girls ages 10 and up and is place for tweens and teens to get honest information about issues that affect them. 

The website works in tandem with our programming.  There are 20 GirlSpace sites in YWCA Member Associations across the country.  GirlSpace is unlike other girls’ websites as it is program based: all of the resource materials you find on our site have been tested in actual GirlSpace sites, where our Member Associations run diverse, after-school gender-specific extra-curricular programs for girls in the transitional years between elementary and high school.  The website acts as an online companion to the programming, and presents materials that are relevant to tween and teen girls, while also giving them an opportunity to have their voices heard and participate in content creation.

YWCA GirlSpace believes in open, respectful and guilt-free discussion – even about topics that can make people feel uncomfortable.   Open and frank content about sexuality, body image, violence and media, among other topics, are an integral part of our programs.  Being receptive and straightforward to these issues is an important part the website philosophy and our on-the-ground programming.  

Of course, not every girl will be prepared to deal with these issues at the same age. If your daughter is younger than our recommended age or you think she is not ready to deal with mature content at whatever age, we suggest you direct her to another site.

While the basic content is available to anyone on the web, YWCA GirlSpace has a login membership feature that provides access to our interactive community of forums, girl talk, blogs and gives participants the opportunity to upload photos, videos and images. Girls can become a member (for free) getting a membership code from your local YWCA.  Girls can also request to become members by contacting our site administrator.

We work as hard as we can to keep the GirlSpace online community a safe and respectful space.   Anyone who joins must agree to treat other members with respect, and we enforce this basic rule in our posting boards. We monitor the boards regularly and our administrator has the capability of removing any content that we feel is hurtful or inappropriate to creating a safe space.  We also encourage our members to send us email if there are any problems. However, forums and blogs are not monitored 24 hours a day, and they can be uncensored spaces.

We do offer girls online content that focuses on protecting yourself on the Internet.   Here are some additional steps to take to ensure your daughter's safety on our site:

  1. Make sure she never gives out personal information on the Internet.
  2. Many email services will allow her to use address blocking so that she only receives mail from people she knows.
  3. Make sure your daughter does not meet with people she meets online.
  4. Please read our Internet safety page on the menu for more information.

We value the thoughts, opinions and suggestions of parents and encourage you to feel free to get in touch with us. Please email the site administrator if you have questions for the staff.

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